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Erich Lindenthaler

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Morzgerstraße 36




The fourth work of the Salzburg singer and guitarist Erich Lindenthaler.
A concentrated load of Rock'n'Roll, Country, Blues and Rock comes to the
listener. Timeless, melodious, serving all these styles, Erich Lindenthaler
gets to the point exactly. Typical American music, performed by firstclass
musicians and the distinctive, unmistakable voice of Erich
Lindenthaler also demonstrates his skills on the guitar with his very own
style and sound.
This time also with two songs in Italian and five in Austrian dialect.
In addition to guitarist Tom Reif, bassist Peter Gruber and drummer Willy
Hackl, the well-known pianist Martin Gasselsberger, Oliver Loy, guitars,
Sabine Stieger and back vocals will also be there.
The songs are very catchy and remain immediately in the memory of the
listener. Authentic, despite the fact that Lindenthaler uses several genres
and languages at the same time. This skilful mixture lends the singing the
ideal foundation and gives it a lot of space.
The voice becomes full and enthusiastic without losing honesty.
A delicacy for music lovers with "open" ears.